English Translation Service

EMBJ publishes only articles written in English. Since the main purpose of our journal is to promote interest in research among graduate and PhD students, hopefully leading towards future involvement in the preparation of scientific manuscripts for submission to international scientific journals, we believe that it is of utmost importance to not only produce manuscripts with a high scientific standard, but also with a high linguistic level.
In fact, when it comes to translating scientific material, it is essential that the translation is carried out with great attention to detail. Scientific papers are generally difficult to understand even in the source language because of specific terminology, so it is fundamental for the translation to be not only technically and stylistically correct, but also fully understandable for the final reader. To achieve this, translators must take into account not only the words of the original text, but also the context in order to produce a final manuscript that appears as if it were originally written in the target language. For this reason, the Editorial Board of EMBJ have decided to offer the authors the possibility to directly contact experienced mother tongue translators, with expertise in the field of scientific translations, for translations of complete manuscripts and/or proofreading/revisions of drafts in English at special rates. This service is mandatory for the acceptance of manuscripts
Translation rates 
Prices are perpage. A page corresponds to 1500 characters (including spaces), calculated by computer (25 lines with 60 character spaces per line). The minimum charge is equal to one page.
Translations of manuscripts (ordinary fee) 20 euros per page
Proofreading and revisions Correction of small typographical errors, minor modifications 30% of the ordinary fee
Substantial revision of manuscript 100% of the ordinary fee


Payment methods Payments are accepted via bank transfer or Paypal. Further payment details will be sent with the translationrate quote.
For free quotes, delivery times and further information, please contact the translators directly via e-mail.   
Samantha Clare Austen
Lesley Bell
Michael Gerbino
Gaia D. Pazienti